We are a stump grinding company that turns your
unwanted stumps into beneficial mulch!

The Process

Stump Thumpers will arrive on site with all the equipment needed to remove your stumps. In most cases, stumps can be ground several inches below ground level. This leaves an amount of stump grinding debris (mulch-like material) that can easily be removed by the home owner or by Stump Thumpers.

After the stump has been removed, the hole can be filled with top soil or the mulch left over from the grinding, depending on the customers needs.

General Pricing

Stumps are priced by the approximate diameter. Excessive root networks can increase this cost. Typically, the more stump, the less the price per inch.

In most cases, I’m hired to grind the stump down and leave the mulch letting the client use it for their landscaping needs. Removal of the mulch and soil replacement is an additional service I offer for an extra fee.

All quotes are free and gladly given!

"I service home owners , golf courses, institutions, municipalities and offer subcontracting for pavement companies, fencing companies, etc."